Just Go With It!

After putting time, thought, and effort into how I wanted this blog to appear, I’ve drawn a line in the sand and decided to stick with simplicity.

I designed a bad ass looking header but felt it wasn’t how I wanted to roll. It was fancy. It delivered a message. It drew a tear from my eye. But alas, I scrapped the sucker.

Take a look:

Well, I like it anyway.

I decided against it because the reason I began revamping my site to begin with was due to it’s overpowering clunkiness. I wanted a more professional look and feel. I wanted the appearance of ‘premium’. But when I sat down to review my goals, it didn’t fit.

Why you ask? I’m so happy you did.

The entire purpose of what I am doing is to get helpful and useful information into the hands of my visitors. In other words, YOU. I miss the mark if I am not conveying to you what is worth your time and what is not.

Making this site as simple to navigate as possible is the goal, not making it look more premium. I want the information to be premium though. That is the goal here.

So with that short introduction to the updated site and navigation, welcome to my blog.

If you want to know a little about my background and what I’ve done, check out the About Rick page. If you need to aske me a question, feel free to go to the Contact page and leave me a message. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get a chance.

I am going to be showing you what I’ve found to work and also warn you about what has not worked. Most people feel the ‘shiny object syndrome’ with buying every latest and greatest course, stragegy, and tool they get in their inbox.

Although there are some that deliver good value and can teach you some new ‘current’ trend with getting traffic or getting better conversions using some new plugin, nothing has stood the test of time but good old fashioned work. If you build it properly, it will continue to reward you for years to come.

So without rambling on any further, let’s get to work.

I am going to add posts in here that I am going to compare to mini case studies. I want to show you how well products being sold out there are working by getting my hind end on it like a blue bonnet. I will dive into WSO’s or JVZoo offers and put them to the test. If they make me money, I will tell you. If they don’t, I will tell you. If I don’t care, I will tell you.


Making sure that you have more information in your hands than the products I am reviewing will offer you, I will do my best to deliver that to you.

With that in mind, let me dig in and find my first product to research so I can get a review out to you. Patience oh wise ones, I’ll bare it all once I get my butt moving. Yea, I did just say that.

Take care for now and I’ll be back with some goods.